• E-Commerce Specialist

    CGETC, Inc.

  • Amazon 4PL Management

    With our professionalism, experience, and insider information, we are able to bring your busines to the next level of selling.

  • Amazon Marketing Services

    Paired with the selling knowledge, we bring you expertise to your marketing campaigns. Whether it be ASA/HSA Campaigns or your next Influencer Marketing Campaigns, we are here to guide you through.

  • 3PL Logistics

    With our customized ERP system, you are able to see your live inventory along with efficient shipping rates, freight, and cost effective storage.

  • Our Own ERP System

    Our custom built ERP system, makes sure that your ordering system is reliable, connected, and convenient to support your growing business.

    Our ERP System is compatible* with multiple Channels

  • B2B Distribution Network

    With our network, we bring your products to the right connections to give your products the exposure it deserves.

  • Korean Government Programs

    With our Headquarters Office in City of Industry USA, and Korea, we are supported by multiple government agencies that support small businesses provide the nurture that it needs to grow.

  • Community Outreach

    With our own network of connections, we are able to provide and support multiple local chapters of Non-profit organizations, and charities that fund and support the needy.

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About Us

Global E-Commerce

Bring your business to the next level with CGETC, Inc.

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    With us, we can grow together.

  • History

    Selling, Marketing, and Fulfillment

    Business since 2003

  • Vision

    Our vision is to bring multichannel selling globally to make it easier and more convenient to sell across the world.

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