3PL Logistics

Shipping products directly from the U.S. to U.S. consumers

What is 3PL Service?

An option for Korean online companies to ship goods directly from the United States to North American consumers.

CGETC has an office and its own warehouse in the United States, and we help our clients to deliver their products from Korea to U.S. consumers without them having to establish their compnay in the U.S. It also has a huge impact on the purchasing decisions of consumers who want to buy from US sellers. Currently, we are providing forward logistics services to Chinese companies as well as American and Korean companies.

  • Easy-to-understand Shipping Costs by CBM (PSU → LA)

    We provide CBM volume prices from Busan to the US to avoid complex sea transportation costs. (*Customs duty not included)

  • Custom Packaging

    We Pick & Pack only necessary components.

  • Importer Reporting

    Even if you have no company in the US, CGETC will act as the importer of record and provide customs clearance and related services.

  • System Operation

    You can check all stock quantities and orders at a glace through the CGETC system anytime.

  • Micro-Warehousing

    Fullfilled by Merchant in USA is all ready to send to your channel. We keep and ship products you want to sell from our warehouse.

  • Simple Billing

    You are billed monthly only on delivered products and warehouse costs.