Korean Government Programs

Accredited performers by various agencies in the country

01. Export Voucher

It is a new concept of overseas marketing support business platform that can receive export support services using a voucher (in the form of online points) made up of government subsidies and corporate sharing by freely selecting desired service and service support organization (performing organization) from the ‘Export Service Menu’.

- Export Voucher Eligibility -

You must be selected for the export voucher support project to receive a voucher and select the service you want to use.

If you are selected for the support project, you can freely use over 5,000 services from 932 performing organizations in 12 categories within the voucher limit.

※ The application limit, etc. varies by business.

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02. Overseas Branching Project

03. KOTRA Logistics Network Agent

Do you have difficulties with local logistics when exporting overseas? Use the Overseas Joint Logistics Center project!
We provide customized logistics services for customers' selection in all areas of the trade center.
In addition to B2B, online export B2C logistics support is also available due to the expansion of e-commerce.
Do you want to establish a local trading base and expand new export markets?
Do you want to use the services of a verified local logistics company at a low rate?
The KOTRA Overseas Joint Logistics Center is here to help.

- What is overseas joint distribution center project? -

This is a project that allows the joint use of warehouses of local cooperative logistics companies selected by KOTRA's foreign trade office at low cost for small and medium-sized enterprises that are difficult to secure and build their own logistics center overseas.

We support domestic export companies to enter overseas markets through the provision of customized logistics services such as customs clearance, storage, packaging, delivery, return, logistics consulting, and fulfillment.
(Providing additional logistics services such as import agency, sales agency, A/S, etc.)

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04. Busan Economic Promotion Agency

At the beginning of every year, we are looking for companies to participate in “America Export Logistics Network Support Project” for the purpose of expanding the base for local companies entering the American market and promoting exports.

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